Gestalt Announces Unique Results Migration with Proprietary Systems

Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 11:00 AM CDT

Empowering labs with less open IT solutions the ability to have interoperability and streamlined automation

SPOKANE, Wash., Aug. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Gestalt Diagnostics, Inc., a leading provider of digital pathology and IT solutions, today, announces the ability to integrate results from PathFlow® directly into a leading system's proprietary, report-specific templates. This remarkable connectivity was developed after extensive research and experience to create an interoperable connection between the historically independent LIS and Gestalt's digital pathology solution, PathFlow.

Gestalt Diagnostics
Gestalt Diagnostics(PRNewswire)
Empowering labs with less open IT solutions the ability to have interoperability and streamlined automation.

With interoperability as core to the Gestalt team's mission, enabling pathologists to work within one solution by seamlessly creating orders for add-on stains, recuts, etc., and streamlining reporting capabilities, this development truly bridges one of the many gaps between anatomic pathology and digitized workflows. As laboratories adopt digital pathology, they must leverage complex hardware and software solution ecosystems to rethink and significantly improve their existing workflows. The vast experience and knowledge of integration, interfacing, and interoperability that Gestalt provides clients, quickly offers the solution to connectivity issues.

Clients of Gestalt are innovative, often industry leaders, and adopters of new technology and as such can present unique and interesting challenges based on evolving technological needs. Regardless of the applications, IT infrastructure, and solutions used in healthcare facilities, Gestalt's IT services team are experts with years of experience in the optimization of applications and human resources.

"A truly interoperable platform which incorporates every component necessary to streamline the workflow for pathologists is essential for leveraging the full benefits of digital pathology," said Ethan Lynn, VP of Professional Services at Gestalt. "We are excited to expand our solution capabilities to support the IT demands of healthcare facilities and laboratories. Our breadth of experience in the laboratory, services, digital, and software industries enable our team to provide innovative, interoperable, and relevant solutions for our customers and partners."

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Gestalt Diagnostics transforms pathology through an intelligent, configurable, vendor-neutral, and AI-driven digital workflow that provides true interoperability enabling pathologists to diagnose diseases faster and more efficiently. Our PathFlow® solution is a cloud-based digital pathology enterprise platform that can easily be customized based on your specific preferences. Our platform consists of professional, education, and research modules for ease of mixing and matching the digital needs of your facility in a single solution, freeing pathologists from tedious, repetitive, and manual tasks allowing them to focus on their expertise, providing invaluable expertise where it matters most.

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