Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 10:57 AM CDT

CALGARY, AB, Aug. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ - Calgary-based ClearSky Global Inc., an affiliate of Rainmaker Global Market Access, signed an agreement to commercialize ECOGY-GTL GmbH's unique, clean fuel technology for the global market.

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The revolutionary technology produces pure, aromatics, and particulate-free diesel and jet fuels that are cleaner, lighter, and have a higher energy content than conventional refined fuels. The process is entirely energy self-sufficient and runs without burning hydrocarbons or using any external energy source. The result is a superior quality, low-cost fuel produced without greenhouse gas emissions.

ClearSky CEO, Timothy Kozmyk, commented, "ECOGY's remarkable technology provides us with a superior, economically viable solution for customers valuing cost-effective, low emission fuels.  We believe this will be of particular interest to the aviation industry which is challenged with finding an economic way to reduce CO2 emissions in order to meet 2030 emissions targets. We have the solution they are looking for. The ECOGY™ process is emission-free and more energy-efficient than competing technologies, allowing us to produce a very pure and cost-competitive fuel product".

Fuel manufacturing operations will commence in Germany in 2024, with North American commercial natural gas to liquid fuel operations estimated to begin in 2025.   Systems can be designed to produce anywhere from 75,000 litres of fuel per day from a compact 3-module plant to over one million litres per day from larger operations, enabling ClearSky to strategically deploy fuel production operations to take full advantage of variable market conditions and better serve its customers.


Germany-based ECOGY GTL-GmbH and its Netherlands subsidiary are focused on commercially developing the innovative ECOGY™ technology for a variety of industrial applications. Manfred Pfalzgraf, CEO of ECOGY-GTL GmbH noted, "the core ECOGY™ technology and the ECOGY-hybrid reactor are well established with a 12-year operating record in Germany. We are pleased to be partnered exclusively with ClearSky to develop a new natural gas and biomass to liquids fuel application of our technology to be commercialized for the North American market. We believe that the ECOGY-System has the potential to capture the markets around the world."

About ClearSky Global Inc.

ClearSky is a modern energy company focused on making a significant near-term impact on lowering emissions worldwide by discovering and commercially developing economically-viable energy solutions that are cost-competitive with conventional energy sources, and that provide superior solutions to customers challenged with meeting emissions and energy consumption targets. Rainmaker CEO, Clark Grue, remarked, "ECOGY is the first of several disruptive energy technologies that we are working to commercialize. We are excited to assist the ECOGY/ClearSky partnership in globally commercializing this ground-breaking technology."


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ECOGY-GTL Gmb Logo (CNW Group/ClearSky Global)(PRNewswire)
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