Mommy's Bliss Survey Highlights Mothers' Concern of Children's Health Leading Up to Holiday Season

Published: Dec. 1, 2022 at 12:07 PM CST
  • 72% of moms with kids 10 years old and under are concerned about keeping their kids healthy during the holiday season.
  • 50% expect to limit the number of holiday gatherings they attend this year.
  • OBGYN and Pediatrician weigh-in on supporting kids' health and suggestions to ease their discomfort when sick.

RICHMOND, Calif., Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The holiday season is upon us, and with so many things to do and people to see, staying healthy is top of mind for families across the country, especially as doctors warn of a possible tridemic with RSV, flu, and COVID cases on the rise.

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Mommy's Bliss offers expert advice on helping kids stay healthy this holiday as moms state concerns in new survey.

According to a recent survey conducted by family health and wellness brand Mommy's Bliss, 72% of moms with kids 10 years old and under say they are concerned about keeping their kids healthy during the upcoming holiday season. That's because over half (53%) say they have previously missed a meaningful holiday event that they wanted to attend because of a sick child, and 41% have had to cancel a family trip due to a cold or the flu during the holidays. Of the mothers surveyed, 50% said they expect to limit the number of holiday gatherings and events they attend this year to help ensure the most important holiday moments are not missed because of sickness.

"As a team of moms, we talk a lot about the excitement of the holidays while also being nervous about new germs, and changes to routine and diet," says Yasmin Kaderali, Mommy's Bliss CEO and mom of two young boys. "We play a fundamental role in our children's wellbeing whether it's comforting a little one when they're not feeling well or making sure everyone is taking their vitamins. We want to ensure that our kids are thriving so we can all share meaningful experiences and create lasting memories, particularly over the holiday season."

Between the late nights, the all-you-can-eat spreads where most kids are only eyeing the dessert, and normal routines being thrown out the window, the survey found that close to 60% of moms are also concerned about their children's nutrition during this time while 54% are concerned about the amount of sleep their children get during the holiday season.

"Moms and their children can easily get rundown during the holiday season if they are not taking good care of their sleep and nutrition," says Dr. Nicole Sparks, an Atlanta-based OBGYN and mother to three young children including a 3-month-old baby. "Parents should prepare for this hectic time of year by taking a look at their family's current health and wellness regimen and be proactive in making a plan to support their kids' health so no one misses out on any of the fun."

With three children under six years old, Dr. Sparks has started preparing her family for the holiday season. Dr. Sparks suggests the following to try and keep the holiday season healthy:

  1. First Line of Defense: No matter the time of year, kids two years or older can always benefit from immune system support to ensure their system is working optimally. Mommy's Bliss Kids Organic Immunity Gummies are USDA Organic and made of pure extracts of organic fruits, including antioxidant-rich elderberry, Vitamin C, and Zinc in a yummy tasting gummy.
  2. Gut Check: Make sure your children's gut is full of the "good bacteria" by offering a probiotic supplement that supports their ability to digest food, absorb vitamins and develop the strong intestinal and immune systems they need as they grow. Mommy's Bliss Probiotic Drops help support baby's digestive health and immune function*, while Mommy's Bliss Kids Probiotics + Prebiotics Gummies are a great-tasting way to support your kids' immunity and digestive health*. Both feature pure Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, the world's most-studied single-strain probiotic that is safe to use from day one.
  3. Sleep Assist: When your kids are not sleeping, you're not sleeping! While teaching healthy sleep habits is paramount, the holidays can derail even the best sleepers. For children 3 years old or older who need a little extra assistance falling asleep, try Mommy's Bliss Kid's Sleep Gummies, which contain a small amount of melatonin to support your child's natural sleep process*. For babies 4 months or older, Mommy's Bliss Baby Bedtime Drops consist of a special bedtime blend of organic chamomile flower, organic passionflower, and organic lemon balm so you can ease the way to quieter nights. Both are free of artificial flavors, dairy, and gluten.
When Illness Does Strike

But what if illness does make a visit to your family over the holidays? With the rise of RSV, flu and COVID, it's not only important to do all you can to support your family's health, but to also know when it's time to call your child's doctor. Dr. Tiffany Otto Knipe, a top pediatrician in New York City, and the mom of two young boys, says, "It's reasonable to visit your pediatrician if your child has cold symptoms or just seems unwell, but there are some other reasons that can be more pressing than others to see a doctor."

Dr. Tiffany cites the following reasons to bring your child to their physician:

  1. Under 3 months and has a rectal temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.
  2. Over 3 months and has had a fever for more than 3 days.
  3. Exhibiting signs of fast breathing or labored breathing. Labored breathing signs can appear as grunting, flaring nostrils, the belly moving up and down quickly with each breath, or the space between the ribs getting sucked in with each breath.
  4. Not feeding or drinking well.
  5. Fewer wet diapers than usual.
In Sickness or In Health

Regardless of sickness, however, seventy percent (70%) of moms admitted they will be choosing to skip an extended family gathering over the holidays. Of these moms, 43% cited they will be skipping gatherings due to family drama, 31% feel their children will be up too late, and 24% are concerned about that dreaded child meltdown at a holiday event.

Whatever the holiday plans may be, Mommy's Bliss encourages moms to embrace the moments of joy in between the chaos, and whether you plan to stay home or be on the go, you can find more information on ways to support your family's health at and join the mom community at @mommysbliss on Instagram and

Source: Mommy's Bliss surveyed 1,000 mothers with children ages 10 and younger online in the U.S. between October 14-16, 2022 using Suzy, the consumer intelligence platform.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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