Revolutionary U-Lamp by U-Earth Biotech Offers Safe and Effective Sanitation in Crowded Spaces

Published: Feb. 6, 2023 at 7:00 AM CST

U-Earth Biotech has launched its latest product, U-Lamp, to address the problem of cross-contamination in crowded spaces and ensure business and people continuity, as part of its Pure Air Zone professional air purification service.

LONDON, Feb. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- U-Earth Biotech, a leading biotech company, has launched a revolutionary solution to address the problem of cross-contamination in crowded spaces. The new product, named U-Lamp, is the latest add-on to the Pure Air Zone suite, a Clean air As A Service solution for organisations aiming at making a real impact on their teams' health and well-being while having a real, measurable impact on the planet's decontamination.

With a new appreciation for simple things, like hugging, working together in the office, and waiting for a medical visit with peace of mind, organisations are looking for ways to bring people back to workspaces, together but safely and comfortably.

U-Lamp is a professional-grade, germicidal, safe-on-the-skin UV-C lamp that uses advanced technology to neutralise harmful bacteria and molds, including COVID-19 and other viruses, preventing people-to-people contamination and providing a safe and healthy environment for businesses and people.

Unlike traditional UV lights, U-Lamp uses a unique, cutting-edge, proven method for killing harmful microorganisms technology that leverages the power of radiation in a safe way effective on people in a room within U-Lamp's sphere of influence neutralising over 97% of microbes in the air.

The lamp, based on years of research and development, is a reliable professional solution to address the growing concern about the spread of infectious diseases in crowded spaces such as offices, schools, waiting rooms, hospitals, conference rooms, and sports facilities.

U-Lamp can be installed in any environment, either on a wall, the ceiling or as a free-standing lamp, while improving indoor air quality, minimising environmental impact and saving energy, through PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor, which activates in the presence of people.

U-Lamp is the latest add-on to U-Earth's Pure Air Zone suite that provides a 360° approach to total air quality management, beyond biological contamination. Pure Air Zone is a new, biotech, nature-based air quality standard that offers the opportunity for companies across all industries to take the lead in driving a sustainable change, make pure air a competitive advantage, and provide a pure air environment, for their staff, customers, visitors, and the planet.

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U-Earth is a biotech company, moved by the vision of making clean air a human right, U-Earth provides cutting-edge, nature-based, and bespoke solutions - Pure Air Zone professional air purification services and U-Earth Store hyper health products – to propel the air quality revolution.

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