Wavin Makes North American Debut at AHR Expo

Published: Feb. 6, 2023 at 7:00 AM CST

Global Water Technology Company Introduces Specifiers and Installers to Breakthrough Innovation for North American Buildings and Cities

ATLANTA, Feb. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Wavin, a global water technology providing safe, healthy and secure water, is launching its innovations to the North American heating, refrigeration, air conditioning and plumbing industry at the AHR Expo, Booth C7861.

Wavin Makes North American Debut at AHR Expo!
Wavin Makes North American Debut at AHR Expo!(PRNewswire)

The Wavin booth, designed with a tree canopy enabled by Wavin TreeTanks, features the company's digital and connected stormwater and wastewater management systems, safe drinking water solutions, blue-green roof, and building modeling software.

"With a 60+ year history of innovation in plastic pipe systems and solutions, and a footprint in 80+ countries, we're delighted to address North American customer needs for environmentally responsible water technologies," said Courtney Fretz Obregon, Wavin North America General Manager. "Our mission is to be a partner to North American specifiers and installers, improving water technologies in buildings and making cities more climate resilient."

In addition to establishing its own sales and distribution footprint in North America, Wavin acquired Bow Plumbing Group in August 2022. Bow is a Montreal-based manufacturer of plastic pipes and fittings for the residential and commercial construction industry. Wavin has one manufacturing location in North America, strategically located warehouses and salespeople, and a proven portfolio of technologies designed for adoption in the region.

The Wavin Water Technology Experience at AHR Expo

Every day during AHR Expo, attendees can participate in live demonstrations and experience how simple it is to create leak-proof connections.

Wavin PP-RCT with Basalt Fiber is a new generation of polypropylene pipe, launched in North America this week, that is redefining hot and cold-water pressure piping distribution systems. The unique 3-layer pipe has a middle layer containing basalt fibers, derived from a volcanic material that limits linear thermal expansion changes due to varying temperatures. It weighs less than metal pipes and is more environmentally friendly than the more commonly used man-made glass fiber layer in PP-RCT offerings.

Wavin BIM Revit is an intelligent modeling system that creates a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a building project before its built. It helps reduce costly waste while simplifying pipe system design with a one-click bill of materials and is up to 3x faster than standard BIM packages.

Wavin HepVO is a self-sealing waste valve that uses a soft silicone rubber membrane to create the seal instead of water, eliminating foul odors in HVAC drain waste vent lines and the health risks of stagnant water in plumbing systems. HepVO is an ideal alternative to conventional P-traps for tight spaces and infrequent use installations such as vacation homes, condominiums, cabins, guest bathrooms and bar sinks as well as in motor homes, tiny houses, recreational vehicles, boats, yachts and concession trailers.

Wavin and Bow Pressure Pipe and Tubing Systems. Wavin offers a full portfolio of hot and cold water distribution and hydronic systems including Bow SuperPex, Bow FlowGuard Gold (CPVC), Bow ABS, and Wavin Schedule 40 PVC. Bow and Wavin fittings carry the lowest lead content commercially available.

In addition, Wavin's AHR booth previews solutions that will be coming to the North American market in coming months, including:

Wavin Polder Roofs are the preferred blue-green roof with a smart water retention solution capturing and storing rainwater from roofs. It can reduce runoff in heavy rain by 97% (versus 12% for conventional green roofs).

Wavin TreeTank allows urban trees to grow healthier by providing roots with water, and access for air and nutrients. It also acts as a barrier against the roots causing damage at the ground level.

About Wavin

Wavin is a global water technology company focused on building healthy, sustainable environments for the people who live and work within them. Whether it's to improve the distribution of clean drinking water, to make sanitation accessible for everyone, to create climate resilient cities, or to design comfortable living spaces, Wavin collaborates with municipal leaders, engineers, contractors and installers to help future-proof communities, buildings and homes. We have a 60+ year history of innovation in plastic pipe systems and solutions and serve customers in 80+ countries across the globe. In North America, learn more about us at wavin.us.

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