ACCA's New Annual Global Talent Trends Survey Explores Future of Accountancy Profession

Published: Feb. 8, 2023 at 7:32 AM CST

The research highlights a talent crunch for employers as they struggle to retain staff with big career mobility ambitions; employees chief concerns are the impact of inflation on salaries as well as workplace stress

NEW YORK, Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- In one of the largest ever studies across the accountancy profession—with more than 8,400 respondents across 148 countries—ACCA's (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) new annual Global Talent Trends Survey 2023 provides a unique and vital view of how people feel about their life at work. The resulting report found that the biggest transformation for over a generation ushers in new era in the world of work: 44% expect to move roles in next 12 months, inflation is fuelling wage demands, concerns over burnout are growing, and the adoption of hybrid working has some way to go.

Over 8000 professional accountants from 148 countries including the US and Canada were asked about the concerns they held around work in the future as well as aspirations for their careers. The survey also assessed key workplace issues such as employee engagement, wellbeing, and attitudes to technology adoption.

ACCA's research highlights a talent crunch for employers as they struggle to retain staff with big career mobility ambitions and an eye on their next role. Meanwhile the biggest worry for employees is the impact of inflation on salaries, as well as workplace stress.

At a time of significant workforce change and a challenging global economic climate, our survey indicates that a career in accountancy remains a smart choice for those seeking long-term career prospects and possibilities to continually acquire new skills. The opportunity to acquire a professional qualification which affords cross-sectoral and international mobility further adds to the perception that choosing accountancy leads to a career with choices and flexibility. Seven key themes that emerged from analyzing global and North American responses are:

  1. The inflation crisis continues to fuel wage pressures and creates retention challenges.
  2. Hybrid working is "work in progress", with 57% of respondents globally citing they are working back in the office full time. Canada is one of the leaders in hybrid working with 58% hybrid, 25% fully remote and only 17% fully office based.
  3. Addressing burnout has to be a priority with 71% respondents globally wanting more help from their organizations to manage their mental health. Canadian respondents were split over whether their mental health suffered because of pressure of work (50% agree 45% disagree).
  4. Job mobility is driving a possible talent crunch for employers – 44% expect to move to their next role in 12 months, rising to 69% over the next two years.
  5. Technology is now seen to be empowering accountants to add value, but 42% suggest they feel overwhelmed by the sheer pace of change.
  6. Inclusion measures score well with 68% feeling their organization culture is inclusive, but concerns particularly by younger respondents are expressed on social mobility.
  7. Accountancy provides career security in turbulent times, with younger people prioritizing career development, financial reward and money rather than broader ambitions to address wider social issues through the jobs they perform.

"Employers are adapting and experimenting with new ways of working across the workforce," said Jamie Lyon, Head of Skills, Sectors and Technology at ACCA. "Career development and remuneration are the top two attraction factors to an organization, yet they're also the two areas which have the most influence on employees' decisions to leave."

"Attracting the next generation of talent to the accountancy profession is vital to healthy economies," said Jillian Couse, head of ACCA North America. "ACCA's inaugural annual talent trends survey ensures the voice of those studying and working in the profession is heard, and that the profession helps create a working environment where tomorrow's talent wants to be."

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About the ACCA Global Talent Trends Survey 2023 

This survey has sought views from professional accountants and employers globally. 8,405 responses were received from 148 countries. The data for this survey closed on 27 September 2022.

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