Visible Unveils Visible Impacts, A New Social Impact Platform to Power Connections to Basic Needs

Published: Feb. 8, 2023 at 5:59 AM CST

To mark the launch, Visible introduces Connection Protection, a program that ensures people who experience a layoff won't have to lose their wireless plan

DENVER, Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Visible, the Verizon-owned all-digital wireless carrier, today announced the launch of Visible Impacts, the brand's new social impact platform focused on powering connections to people's most basic needs. As the first step towards powering these connections, Visible is proud to present Connection Protection, a debut program ensuring those who get laid off from their jobs won't lose their wireless plan, too.

Visible Impacts
Visible Impacts(PRNewswire)

"We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new social impact platform, Visible Impacts. Connection is at the center of what we do at Visible, and we're committed to fostering the connections that address people's basic needs – the connections that make a difference," said Angie Klein, President of Verizon Value. "Access to meaningful career opportunities is one of the cornerstones of true economic empowerment and equity, which is why we're proud to introduce Connection Protection to not only support our members through job loss, but also to ensure that we're providing people the resources they need when times are tough."

Connection Protection

Today, Visible debuts Connection Protection, a new program that ensures those who get laid off won't lose their wireless plan, too. Created in partnership with Empower Work, a leading non-profit on a mission to change the way people are supported at work, the program offers eligible participants three months of service with costs covered by Visible, in addition to coaching and resources to help those who experience a layoff process their job loss and get support to find their next role. The program comes at a time where job security is top-of-mind, as one in three people are concerned their employers might be planning budget cuts or layoffs, according to a recent survey. For those who lose their jobs, having reliable wireless access is critical to finding a job. In fact, in 2021 alone, nearly 70% of job applications were completed on mobile devices, underscoring the need for stable wireless access.

"Jobs are core to our well-being. Losing a job or having hours cut takes a toll emotionally and economically. At Empower Work we believe everyone should be able to thrive at work and a big piece of that is having accessible support at critical moments," Jaime-Alexis Fowler, Founder and Executive Director of Empower Work, said. "Partnering with Visible helps us deepen our holistic approach to supporting workers so they have peer support from our trained volunteers to talk about their job loss and job search along with plan coverage to keep them connected."

Through Connection Protection, individuals who have recently experienced job loss will be directed to apply to the program by filling out a short questionnaire. Empower Work will then review and approve applicants who have been recently laid off and are in need of support. Approved applicants will receive a Visible activation code that grants them access to three months of service with costs covered by Visible. Members will also be engaged with job support resources and existing programming from Empower Work to help them get back on their feet and move forward in their career.

To learn more about Connection Protection and apply, visit the full page here:

Visible Impacts

Visible Impacts is Visible's new social impact platform focused on powering connections to three things: food security, career opportunities, and community – the basic needs vital to achieving one's full potential. To drive the Visible Impacts mission forward, Visible will provide financial and in-kind assistance to leading nonprofit partners working within the three areas of focus:

Connected Food Systems

Reliable connectivity to healthy food is one of humanity's most critical needs. Visible is partnering with Goodr, a nonprofit using technology and logistics to reduce food waste and end hunger, and U.S. Hunger, an organization committed to providing healthy meals to those in need and solving the root causes of food insecurity.

Connected Careers

With more people searching for and submitting job applications on their phones, Visible Impacts is committed to connecting people to new opportunities. In addition to the new Connection Protection program, curated in partnership with Empower Work, Visible is partnering with StepUp to support digital career exploration workshops and virtual mentorship opportunities.

Connected Communities

Continuing its commitment to uplifting people within the LGBTQ+ community, Visible is supporting the PFLAG Connects Communities program, leveraging existing mobile technologies to strengthen LGBTQ+ community building. Additionally, Visible will champion accessibility, equity, and inclusion for communities with disabilities, through a partnership with Be My Eyes, a mobile app that has improved accessibility for over six million blind and low-vision individuals.

Visible members will be able to vote on which of the three Visible Impacts pillars they'd like to see Visible contribute to, and funds will then be allocated according to Visible members' choices.

"Since Visible's founding in 2018, we've had a strong legacy of striving to make a positive impact through the power of connection," said Jeremy Bolton, Managing Director of Visible. "Now, we're excited to continue that work with a renewed focus on championing the connections to resources that help people reach their fullest potential, whether it be food security, career opportunities, or community."

To learn more about Visible Impacts, visit the full page here:

About Visible

Visible is the first all-digital wireless service in the US, offering unlimited data, messages, minutes, and hotspot, powered by Verizon, 5G included. On a mission to dramatically change the wireless service experience, Visible has been named to Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies list and has been named "Best Telecom Brand" in Adweek's Challenger Brand Awards.

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Connection Protection
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