Work-Life Imbalance Cited as Top Stressor for Working Women Today, 24 Seven Report Finds

Published: Feb. 8, 2023 at 8:00 AM CST

The pressure to "do it all" has taken its toll.

NEW YORK, Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Women today have reached new heights in their careers. They've leaned in, shattered the glass ceiling, and paved the way for future generations behind them. But as they continue to climb the ladder, their responsibilities at home are not wavering. And the expectation so many women face to "do it all" is taking a toll. This is just one key insight from a new report from 24 Seven, a specialized digital marketing and creative recruitment agency.

24 Seven, 2023 Amplifying Women at Work Report
24 Seven, 2023 Amplifying Women at Work Report(PRNewswire)
Work-Life Imbalance Cited as Top Stressor for Working Women Today, 24 Seven Report Finds

For the first time in the company's history, 24 Seven has released a report focusing solely on how women are faring in the workplace. The 2023 Amplifying Women at Work Report features survey responses from more than 3,200 female professionals in the marketing, creative, digital, fashion, beauty, and retail spaces.

The report found that while most women today are ready and willing to negotiate when it comes to compensation, a majority (54%) feel like their gender has played a role in them being overlooked for a raise or promotion. Compensation was cited as the number one reason woman had left (or wanted to leave) their current jobs.

One of the most alarming findings was that 86% of those surveyed said they feel just as, if not more, stressed than last year. The biggest stressors cited were a lack of work-life balance, a heavy workload, and a lack of flexibility at work. These findings are a stark warning to employers that they need to help balance the workload or risk losing top female talent to companies offering greater flexibility.

"The report findings are clear that while women are certainly achieving a high level of success in the workplace, the lack of work-life balance many female professionals face is driving them to consider opportunities that provide more flexibility. Failing to address the issues that matter most to women can cost employers," says 24 Seven CEO Anthony Donnarumma. "The Amplifying Women at Work Report speaks directly to employers on how they can get in front of these challenges before it's too late."

The latest report also features tips from 24 Seven Founder and Chairwoman, Celeste Gudas, who shares her guidance on how women navigating their careers can be their own best advocates. Celeste was recently named to the prestigious Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) Global Power 150 – Women in Staffing list.

"As a female-founded and majority female-led organization, 24 Seven is uniquely equipped to speak to the issues that matter most to women in today's workforce," Gudas says. "I started 24 Seven fueled by my own passion to help women navigate their careers and achieve financial freedom. But as a woman in the workforce myself, I intimately understand the very real challenges we face. I hope this report not only helps employers see the value of amplifying and supporting their female workforce – but also helps women see their own value and that of the women around them. As the saying goes, we rise by lifting others."

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