Springfield’s Loren Cook Company manufacturing TESLA cooling fans

Sponsored - For nearly 80 years Springfield based Loren Cook Company has been the industry standard in moving air. Once again, one of the world’s most recognized companies is calling on Cook for their cooling expertise.

Loren Cook Company has been chosen by TESLA to manufacture four (4) stainless steel, high temperature, Class IV centrifugal blowers that will be used to cool the world’s largest die casting press being installed in TESLA’s Gigafactory in Austin, TX.

The 8000 ton die casting press is being installed to produce the Cybertruck rear underbody and is the largest die-casting press made worldwide. It allows single piece forms to replace welded or riveted subassemblies. The press injects 220 lbs of aluminum into a die cavity in 60-100 milliseconds. This allows auto chassis to be reduced from dozens or hundreds of parts, to just a few. The dramatic reduction in parts results in fewer assembly operations, while improving quality.

This process requires tremendous pressure and generates a great deal of heat which has to be removed from the press. Each fan will move approximately 16,500 cubic feet of 850 degree F air per minute to keep the press cool and running. The blowers are equipped with shaft coolers, heat shields and other accessories to allow them to operate continuously under these conditions.

COOK manufactures product for high profile projects like this all over the world. COOK is now hiring for production positions. Visit https://lorencook.com/job-openings/ to see the career opportunities available!