Memorial Day or 818 Hot Dogs Per Second

Memorial Day

Sponsored - Have we forgotten why we celebrate Memorial Day?

The answer might be in the hot dogs:

  • Beer consumption during this weekend is only surpassed by Independence Day festivities.
  • 3 out of 5 households will be attending a barbecue at some point during the holiday.
  • AND YES - 818 Hot Dogs will be consumed every second in the US throughout the Memorial Day Weekend!

Most of us think of Memorial Day as the “First Day of Summer” which of course is a highly anticipated event in the Ozarks.  As you celebrate your freedoms by traveling, hitting the lake, cooking out, or playing at the amusement park, don’t forget the real, more somber reason we observe Memorial Day.

Memorial Day also known as Decoration Day was born after the Civil War.  As America’s bloodiest war, the nation needed to heal and honor the fallen soldiers.    Known as Decoration Day in the South and celebrated regionally between Jan 19th and June 3rd, it wasn’t until after World War I that Memorial Day was adopted in the South, and many still call it Decoration Day today as a result.  In 1971 Congress made Memorial Day a National Holiday designating it as the last Monday in May to honor our fallen soldiers.  Throughout the years leading up to this, many traditions became popular, like picnicking at the cemetery and decorating the graves of loved ones lost as well as the soldiers who died on the battlefield.  Honoring our lost loved ones keeps their memory, their stories, and their accomplishments alive.  It passes down a wealth of knowledge and respect to our younger generations who likely only have vague childhood memories of the great men and women who created us.

Observing Memorial Day isn’t just recommended to keep our Grandparents traditions alive, it’s actually law.  In 2000 Congress passed into law that all Americans are to stop what they are doing at exactly 3pm and take a moment to honor and remember those who have served our country so honorably.

For more than 60 years R&S Memorial Decorations has helped you honor and decorate your lost loved ones memorials, created much the same way…  Painstakingly by hand, flower by flower, one unique piece at a time with love from good folks right here in the Ozarks.

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R&S Memorial Decorations has 15 locations for your convenience, each with smiling faces to assist you.  Custom, and specialty pieces are always available at the factory in Halltown, MO year around.

R&S Memorial Decorations can’t help you with the heart burn from eating your share of 818 hot dogs per second, but we can help you fill your heart with love by paying your respects to all those who have meant so much to us and are no longer with us this coming weekend.

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