Tue Feb 19 08:48:35 PST 2019

Driving in Winter Weather

Meteorologist Matt Jones shares how to drive safer on snow and ice.


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Man's 'astonishing' 12-year sentence for having cellphone in jail challenged

Willie Nash, 39, was being held at the Newton County Jail on a misdemeanor charge when he asked a jailer to charge his phone.

Navy investigating who took secret videos of sailors in a bathroom and posted to porn site

Investigators believe the videos — found on the website Porn Hub — were taken through a peephole and caught unsuspecting service members undressing.

Cincinnati passes bill giving renters alternatives to security deposits

“Security deposits can be upwards of a thousand dollars and a whole lot of Cincinnatians and most Americans don’t have a thousand dollars just sitting around,” one lawmaker said.

4-year-old boy dies after dad's gun discharged as they play-wrestled

The boy and his father were playing on a bed inside a home near Bloomington, Indiana, when the gun fell and fired one shot.

California woman dies after clothing gets caught in raisin processing machine

Her loose clothing apparently got caught in a machine in Fresno County.