AERIAL VIDEO: Blues fans pack streets of downtown St. Louis to celebrate title

AERIAL VIDEO: Blues fans pack streets of downtown St. Louis to celebrate title

Fans celebrated in downtown St. Louis after the Blues won their first Stanley Cup.

Storms Again Tonight

Thunderstorms are likely again tonight mainly south of Springfield. The cool weather will hang around through the weekend.

Additional rain on the way

Cooler than average today

Catch A Crook: Do you recognize these Greene County thieves?

Detectives are looking for a woman who stole a thief and a dangerous fugitive.



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Fox News dropped as sponsor by largest Latino journalists' organization

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists said it rescinded the network's invitation to its conference due to failed conversations over its news coverage.

Family driving through Yellowstone caught in bison stampede

A family was driving through Yellowstone National Park when a herd of bison started running their way -- with one of the animals slamming into their rental car. "Oh man, there goes some money," the father said, quipping that they should have taken out the insurance.

American on trial in Anguilla proclaims innocence

Scott Hapgood, a Connecticut banker, was charged with manslaughter in the death of hotel worker Kenny Mitchel, a hotel worker, whom Hapgood says tried to rob him at knifepoint. The case is weighing heavily on the small island of just 15,000 people where many knew Mitchel as a hard-working father.

Man dies unable to afford his insulin prescription; states tackle the rising cost

According to new data from the CDC, more than 13 percent of adults don’t take their insulin as prescribed because it’s too expensive and 25% ask for a cheaper version. One mother describes how her son died after changing his medication because he couldn’t afford it, even with insurance. Now states are considering laws to rein in prices.

First images of Titanic wreckage in more than 10 years show rapid erosion

New photos of the ship, which sank in 1912, show the once-glamorous vessel covered in bacteria that’s eroding the metal much faster than expected.