CELEBRATE THE OZARKS: Ozarks Amphitheater

Fri Jul 12 16:13:18 PDT 2019

CELEBRATE THE OZARKS: Ozarks Amphitheater

Andrew Havranek reports.

Storm damages O'Reilly Auto Parts warehouse in Springfield

The storm damaged the warehouse around 1 a.m.

Storms damage bowling alley, Mexican Villa in east Springfield

The severe thunderstorm hit the city's east side around 1:30 a.m.

Sunny & windy today

Highs in the low 60s

Taste of the Ozarks: Egg Red Pepper Breakfast Sandwich

Try this meal to give you an energy boost and help your skin glow.

Crews working Ammonia leak at Lady Baltimore Foods in Springfield

Sgt. James with the Springfield Police Department said the leak is a result of storm damage.



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2-year-old shot dead in mother's arms in Philadelphia

An 11-month-old boy was also shot in Philly, struck four times while in the backseat of a car Saturday. He was fighting for his life, officials said.

Woman fears the worst after sister disappeared nearly three months ago

Megan McClelland, 31, of Bremen, Ohio, was last heard from on her birthday, August 1, 2019. She called her mother from a New Jersey number and said she needed money. Her mother said to call back the next day, but Megan never called back. The Fairfield, Ohio County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

Mobile billboard used to protest OSU's handling of sex abuse scandal

The Ohio State Accountability Project, which is advocating on behalf of the hundreds of men who say they were sexually abused by Strauss, is planning to raise awareness nationwide.

Luggage explodes after being run over at Midway Airport

Police say the incident stemmed from a cellphone battery or charger being run over by a vehicle and no injuries were reported.

4-year-old Milwaukee girl accidentally shoots father and herself

Both are expected to survive and police said Monday that they arrested the 33-year-old father because he lied about the circumstances of the shooting.