Get ready for a hot week ahead!

Sun Sep 15 04:10:09 PDT 2019

Get ready for a hot week ahead!

Another hot and humid day is in store for us. This warm trend looks to continue

Wind is the weather story today

Wind gusts of 30-35 mph will be common across the region today, with a few places perhaps hitting 40 mph. Highs near 60° will feel much chillier.

Ash Grove Fire Protection District buys land for new fire station

The Fire Chief said the goal is to start construction in the next two to three years.

Tornado siren in Sparta didn't sound off

The siren is an old model that needs to be cranked by hand to power up.



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DNA and genealogy lead to an arrest in Pennsylvania rape case from 2017

"It took 27 months of high-tech scientific efforts and thousands of hours of old-fashioned police work” to track down the alleged rapist, an official said.

Mob lynching of 4 blacks in 1946 sparks fight on grand jury secrecy

The young black sharecroppers were being driven along a rural road when they were stopped by a white mob beside the Apalachee River, just over 50 miles east of Atlanta.

Boys' club no more: New Central Park statue will celebrate 3 women

The statue of Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Sojourner Truth will be dedicated in August and help mark 100 years of women's right to vote.

Mom who sought gifts for 'Make-a-wish' daughter charged with girl's murder

The mother had sought donations for the "bucket list" of the girl who she said was dying of a terminal illness.

Judge: Report shows suspect in deadly Maryland newspaper shooting is legally sane

Jarrod Ramos, 39, has pleaded not guilty and not criminally responsible, which is the state's version of an insanity defense.