Missouri becomes sixth state to launch SafeNation app

Published: Aug. 8, 2020 at 9:29 PM CDT
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WEST PLAINS, Mo. (KY3) - This week the Missouri Office of Homeland Security launched an app that will allow people to instantly report suspicious activity anonymously.

The app is called SafeNation. Missouri is now one of six states using the app in a partnership with the United States Department of Homeland Security's "See Something Say Something" campaign. 

“We’re continuously asking for people to watch out in their communities. Report things that look suspicious,” Officer Paul Bradshaw Jr. of the West Plains Police Department told KY3.

With SafeNation, people can report suspicious activity anonymously. 

Expressed or implied threats to schools, cyber attacks, suspicious people, cars and packages are all examples of suspicious activity that can be reported. 

“If it doesn’t look right, if it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right. A lot of the times people have a very good idea of who is in their neighborhood and what all is going on in their neighborhood and what doesn’t belong,” Officer Bradshaw Jr. explained.

Any reported criminal activity related to terrorism will be shared with federal authorities. 

To make a report,  you select the county your reporting from and you fill out the questionnaire. 

At the bottom, you can even upload a picture, video or other file to help assist authorities. 

Providing information almost in real time can help everyone involved. 

“A lot of times, information gets lost somewhere in translation, especially over the phone, Bradshaw Jr. added. Having something concrete that we can actually look at, dispatch can reference, lot less likely something is going to get forgotten. Possibly a clothing description or important detail that makes the difference.”

This is the first week that West Plains Police have put into action its Geographical Policing method. 

It places an importance on the community working hand in hand with officers to report things they don't feel are right. 

“The only way that Geographical policing and community policing is going to work is with the community’s involvement,” Bradshaw Jr. added.

Illinois, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Arizona and Idaho are the six states that have launched the app.

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