Multimillion dollar motorcycle business closes without warning

Published: Jun. 8, 2017 at 5:35 PM CDT
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Just a few days ago the lot was full with cars and motorcycles.

Midwest Cycle Center is located off of highway 65 behind Lambert's.

Now the doors are locked. The voicemailbox is full. The Better Business Bureau says customers need to 'legal up'.

More than a dozen customers tell Contact KY3 ... they have unfinished business with Midwest Cycle Center.

"I paid one thousand dollars down," said Toni Nehls. Nehls just bought a seventeen thousand dollar Harley.

"I don't have a title so I can't get a license for my bike. I have paid for gap insurance. I won't have that now. The bike has seven thousand miles on it and now we don't have a warranty," she said.

Contact KY3 called the city of Ozark and asked about the status of the business license. Contact KY3 was told the business license wasn't renewed for 2017.

"They've been an accredited business with us. They show a three and a half million dollar a year revenue stream. People don't go from a multimillion revenue stream to shut the door and walk away ... that's weird. That's very strange. We don't see that very often at all," said Jon Anfinson with the Better Business Bureau.

Contact KY3 reached out to the owner and the financial assistant. They have not returned our calls.

If you're customer with unfinished business ...

File a complaint with the Attorney General.

Alert your insurance agent.

Get a lawyer.

If you can't afford one, see if you qualify for legal aid.