The Uranus Examiner in Pulaski County, Mo. calls it quits

Courtesy: The Uranus Examiner

ST. ROBERT, Mo. -- Editors of the Pulaski County, Mo. newspaper The Uranus Examiner announced Friday it is suspending the publication.

The move now leaves Pulaski County without a newspaper.

The name led to national attention for the newspaper when it published its first issue this past summer. Despite a nine page "funny" section, the newspaper included local council meeting news, a column from the current and former Pulaski County sheriffs, news from Fort Leonard Wood, two faith columns, and of course local sports.

The owner of the 28-page newspaper, printed by Nowata Printing in Springfield, told KY3 News earlier this year it was not cheap to send to over 46,000 mailboxes.

The newspaper posed to Facebook Friday a statement about the decision.

"We are suspending publication, read the main story by Louie R Keen and please read the managing editor Natalie Sanders story as well. It will give you an insight into small town politics and how the vocal minority suppress the majority."