Saturday marks one week since Willard, Mo. double homicide, mother of man killed shares story

No arrests made yet, Police say investigation has gained momentum
Published: Nov. 21, 2020 at 10:04 PM CST
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WILLARD, Mo. (KY3) - Saturday marks one week since two people were killed at their home in Willard. Police have not yet made any arrests, but say arrests are likely around the corner.

Officers found Alexander Chute and Brianna Sproul dead at their home near Mill Street and Main Street in Willard on Nov. 14.

“We are far closer now than we were in the beginning to being able to disclose and discuss motive and suspect information but we’re not quite they’re yet,” Willard Police Chief Tom McClain said Saturday.

McClain said although he anticipates an arrest in the near future, the time frame is uncertain.

“Because of the size of the staff, it could be at any moment or it could be another week possibly,” he said.

McClain said he is confident in current investigation efforts. Missouri State Highway Patrol, Springfield Police and others have assisted in various searches and interviews throughout the week.

Meanwhile, Alexander Chute’s mother is still reflecting on the loss of her son and trying to remember the good times they shared.

“I know that I have to stay strong for my children and I have seven grandchildren, one of whom is Alex’s daughter,” Chute’s mother Lisa Pini said Saturday.

Pini said she misses her son greatly and is thankful for every moment she had with him.

“I only was allowed to have him for 28 years, but they were the best 28 years of my life,” she said. “Part of him is gone. But part of him still lives on. And for that I’m grateful.”

Pini said she last spoke to her son the day after his birthday, which was two days before he was killed. She also remembers a note to her son that she posted on Facebook on his birthday.

“28 years ago today the stork brought a 10-pound baby boy, and he was 10 pounds,” Pini read as she laughed.

She still remembers the very last thing her son said to her.

“His last words were, ‘I love you mom,’” Pini said. “I always taught my children and everybody in my family, you don’t hang up the phone unless you say ‘I love you.’ Even if you’re mad.”

It is a phrase that she raised her family behind, and that now means more than anything.

“When those are somebody’s last words to you, that is something you will carry in your heart forever,” Pini said.

She said her son was the kind of child every parent wishes they had.

“Alex was just a light in this world,” Pini said. “He knew how to make everybody laugh and he made everybody feel like they were important.”

She described her son as a kind and compassionate person with a dry sense of humor.

“It was always about the other person. It was never about Alex,” Pini said. “It was always about how he could make somebody else feel better.”

Pini said her son loved his country, so much so that he joined the National Guard. She said her son also loved his daughter more than anything.

“She was the light in his life,” Pini said. “Alex was a great dad. “He would get on fours and be like the horsey and she would get on. He adored her.”

Police are also still actively seeking any tips and information.

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