Accomplish your health and fitness New Year’s resolution

Published: Jan. 8, 2021 at 8:53 AM CST
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January is typically peak season for fitness facilities, with people eager to start new exercise programs and sign up for gym memberships. As “exercising more” is the number one the top New Years’ resolution.

KY3 called around to local fitness centers, and asked about how’s it looking in 2021? Some facilities said there hasn’t been a huge influx in membership sign-ups compared to years past. While the pandemic is believed to be the source of the slower sign-ups, other facilities say it’s also the reason business is the same. It’s created a pent up demand and membership signups are rolling in for what’s known as “the first quarter shape up.”

While people are making New Year resolutions, more times than not, people ditch their goal just a few months in. A recent Journal of Clinical Psychology study showed that it’s not just exercise people give up on. Only 46% of people who made New Year’s resolutions were successful.

“Because they have to do it themselves,” explained Kelly Johnson, YMCA Personal Trainer. “We can’t make them do it. So that’s the reward to see that they did buy into it, and they did it for themselves, not for anybody else.”

Johnson has been helping people crush goals at the Pat Jones YMCA since 2002. She said without fail there’s always an uptick in people signing up for PT sessions at the start of the year and so far, 2021 has been no different. She said it’s natural for people to want to start fresh as the calendar turns, but it’s vital, to be honest with yourself.

“I don’t care if you set goals for the next year, but you have to look back at the year before and say what worked and what didn’t work, and where are you now. Because everyone needs that assessment every once and a while,” said Johnson.

Halston Adams whose the Executive Director of Pat Jones YMCA, said they’ve seen how important to follow up with people after they create new goals, or sign up for memberships. Especially at the start of a new year, Adams said they like is to have a discussion with them on how to be intentional with their goals. He said the biggest hurdle people face is actually getting started. Ozarks Regional YMCA also uses technology, apps, and other tools to help people reach those goals.

He said the best thing people can do is create a plan of action. Then, set realistic goals, and get a partner to hold you accountable.

“Set goals to where you can truly make small changes that can add up to big changes,” said Adams. “And honestly, when you look back a month, two months, or six months from now, it’s amazing to see how much change can happen when you focus on the day.”

The Ozarks Regional YMCA offers a FREE workout from home series. Adams said it’s for anyone and everyone to help people find a community within a community and to crush those 2021 goals.

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