MIRACLE CHILD: Finnegan the fighter

Published: Nov. 28, 2022 at 11:07 AM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - ‘(We) never thought it would happen to us...” a sentiment many Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals families say. The Johnsons are no different. They relied on CMN Hospitals to support them through the most difficult time in the life of their child.

It was a time of celebration for Brittany & Aubrey when they found out they were pregnant with their son, but after a few health issues, Brittany’s water broke around 19 weeks. She spent more than two months on bedrest and, at about 7 months pregnant, Brittany went into labor with a baby that doctors told her would likely not survive.

“When they finally got Finn out, there was no crying, they just said, “it’s a boy,” and they brought him over to the kangaroo warmer, and I could look over from the side and Aubrey saw him, and they immediately intubated him.”

Brittany Johnson

Finnegan whimpered, Aubrey says, and he was born with weak lungs and struggled to breathe... but he was a fighter. For Brittany, one of the hardest things was not knowing, “if you’re leaving the hospital with your baby or if you’re planning a memorial service for your child.” It was a time when most new parents experience making baby announcements and welcoming their child home, but the Johnson’s were watching their son srtuggle to survive.

Finn stayed in the COX Health NICU for 10 weeks before being moved to a specialty hospital in Ohio; that was the Johnson’s chance to give Finn his best shot. Aubrey spent hundreds of hours travelling back and forth and Brittany gave up her job to be at Finn’s bedside. Without CMN Hospitals paying for Aubrey’s gas and Brittany’s housing, the Johnson’s say, it wouldn’t have been possible.

”You never think when you get pregnant that there’s going to be a complication or that you’re going to be in the NICU for 6 months.”

Brittany Johnson

The Johnson’s say the help they received from CMN helped them to avoid more added stress that was unnecessary when dealing with their sick baby. Now, Finn is home with his mom and dad. His struggle isn’t over but he’s still fighting. He is on oxygen and has a feeding tube. The Johnson’s are grateful CMN took care of them, so they could take care of Finn.

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