CMN Miracle Child: Meet the Gibbs twins

Published: Nov. 28, 2017 at 10:16 AM CST
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Meet the Gibbs family of Springfield. By looking at the beautiful picture you wouldn't know what this precious family endured during the pregnancy and following the birth of twins Cordelia and Rosalind this is their story and how it all began.

"We had a miscarriage the year before," said the Gibbs family. "And so they wanted to be sure to be safe watch more sound so we had one ultrasound ultrasound and it should go get one baby and in the third oldest and we came in. About 12 weeks along. Our third. They came in saying you guys know you're having twins because it wasn't on her records and said no no no no we're having twins so we had this moment of celebration for about 10 minutes and then she told us they were the same sac they are monoamniotic which is very rare it's nice having two identical twins share the same sac."

The babies had twin to twin transfusions. Can draw with one baby gets more blood flow than the other.

"We got lucky when I was about 18 19 weeks," said the Gibbs family. "They had a appointment bed started seeing my baby like a little bit wasn't losing a little bit smaller after I complicated and scary pregnancy Cordelia and Rosalyn were born at CoxHealth Cordelia way just 1 lb 5 oz while Rosalind weighed 1 pounds 10 ounces. About 12 inches one was 12 in one was a little under 12 inches long so they were very they call them micro preemies after many ups and downs and 105 days in the neonatal Intensive Care Unit at CoxHealth it was finally time for the girls to go home and how are they doing now here are the girls at their first birthday party the Gibbs family is very grateful for the help of Children's Miracle Network hospitals this is what mom and dad have to say about the support they receive from CMNH. I mean if it wasn't for them. I don't know if they'd even be alive. We know that it makes a difference. It is something that is concrete is something that is actually changing and helping save lives. And we see evidence something is done in every single day of our babies lives Children's Miracle Network hospitals."

Because of your generosity Miracles really do happen.