CMN Miracle Child: Tyler Sartin

Published: Nov. 29, 2017 at 1:01 PM CST
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A relaxing day of fishing turned Tyler Sartin's life into a struggle for survival in a flash.

"Fear is all that you can think of and you're scared," said Tyler's mother "Missy Sartin.

Tyler crashed his car on June 14, 2016.

"it almost just makes you sick," said mother Missy.

The car rolled three to four times.

"From what I understood, they found his body halfway out of it," said Missy Sat

Tyler's Mom, his family, needed a miracle.

"Pretty much anything in any bone that you can imagine in your skull or your face was broke," said Missy Sartin.

Doctor's told them get prepared for the worst.

"When and if he wakes up, he'll probably be a vegetable for the rest of his life.. or at the best he would require 24-hour care," said Missy Sartin. "I did look at him and I said Tyler's gonna be one that surprises you. He's gonna be one of those that come back walking into your office."

Four weeks in a coma, He spent his 17th birthday out and unaware and then, he wakes up.

"When he saw us he smiled," said Sartin "Like, he knew who we were."

Words came next. Tyler would be in hospitals and rehab facilities from Springfield to Saint Louis. He'd even spend time in Nebraska.

"Most people in my condition are still in the hospital right now," said Tyler.

Tyler's family stuck by him. His mom even put her career as an emergency room nurse on hold to help with her son's rehab.

"I thought they were amazing," said Tyler's dad Shaun.

The miracle teen's journey made possible by Children's Miracle Network. They helped with gas money, hotel stays and medical bills.

"You just want to take care of your kid," said Missy Sartin. "Your baby and so, that it. Having them there just makes a world of difference."

Tyler's journey isn't done just yet. He will likely get surgery on his left eye. And while he'll need to be careful, for the rest of his life. He can go fishing again.

"He's overcome everything," said Missy Sartin.

"It just proves them wrong," said Tyler. "I like proving people wrong, I guess."