CMNH acts as an extended family for one Springfield girl in need

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 10:42 AM CST
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Carney Complex is a disorder that means someone is at a heightened risk of getting several types of tumors. 12-year-old Memphis Sherman of Springfield has already had two open heart surgeries to remove tumors thanks to the disorder.

"The second one, that was kind of traumatizing because I knew what was going to happen and I was nerve-wracked about it,” said Memphis Sherman as she talked about her surgeries.

She said her condition has limited her, adding that she struggles with simple things kids her age like to do, like play sports. “It just slows me down so much cause my heart is going so fast,” she explained.

Her dad, Richard Sherman, also lives with Carney Complex. He said his goal is to teach Memphis it's about living life to its fullest. "I realize things do happen and want to make the most of every chance you get,” said Sherman.

He also talked about how sudden his daughter’s latest surgery was. "We went that day to have an EKG, which she does regularly, and they were like 'you need to go today,’” he recalled.

Sherman talked about how Children's Miracle Network Hospitals helped them stay afloat financially. "We're kind of like many other families, live paycheck to paycheck, so when things like this come up you're not really prepared for it,” he said.

Memphis said it was more than just the money. For her, CMNH acted like an extended family member who was there to help them stay strong, no matter what. "The big thing that helped me was my whole family got to be together and none of us had to separate, none of us had to talk through facetime, we could all be together.”

Miracle Week is celebrated during the first week of December. Those looking to donate can call (417) 268-3222 or follow the link attached with this story to donate online.