Escaped pet monkey caught on video near Alton, Mo.

Published: Jun. 11, 2020 at 9:35 PM CDT
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People in Oregon County couldn't believe their eyes when they saw a monkey wondering around near Alton.

"The year 2020. What else could happen, right? We got monkeys, COVID-19 and riots. But this really topped it all off. I couldn't believe it," April Holesapple told KY3.

Holesapple's heart was racing when she saw something run by her truck.

"From behind it, I thought it was a mountain lion because it was orange and white and it had a big long tail. And then it turned its head and I saw clearly that it was a monkey, so I got my phone and I thought, if I don't get this on video, no one is going to believe me."

This all happened in her backyard on Tuesday.

Two days later, the monkey reappeared.

"And finally I got ahold of the owner and she came over and she had a bunch of bananas and like on the video, you can see, it would come right up to her and take the bananas," Holesapple added.

"She told us it was 9-years-old and that its a Patas monkey. She says that it's non-aggressive. I was asking her on the video if she could pick it up and carry it in the car to take it home. She said she had only had it for a week, so she wasn't yet to that point with it, you know. She didn't feel like she had the animal's trust enough to do that yet."

The owner told Holesapple she had bought it at an auction in Oregon County over the Memorial Day weekend.

After its taste of the wild, the monkey is back with it's owner in Alton.

KY3 found where the owner lived, but no one was home to speak with.

According to Missouri law, it is illegal to own a non-human primate unless you register the animal with local law enforcement in the area where the animal is kept.

A violation is a Class C misdemeanor.