Experts say disinfecting your home can help stop the spread of the flu

Published: Feb. 4, 2020 at 9:28 PM CST
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We are headed into peak season for the flu. The Centers for Disease Control says more than six million have caught the flu nationwide and a big spike this past week in Greene County, where more than 1,500 people have been diagnosed with influenza.

"Both my wife and I had the flu this year," said Charles Dischinger

Charles Dischinger says the virus stayed in his system for two weeks. He says it has left him with a cough that he can't seem to get rid of. Dischinger and his wife are just two of the more than six million who have been diagnosed with influenza this winter.

While this number might seem high, Mercy Hospital's Infection Prevention Manager Julie Warner says the flu peak season is just getting started.

"It's really starting to spike up this past week. We have had a large increase in people being diagnosed with the flu," said Warner

Warner says there are ways to protect yourself if your loved ones become infected with the virus.

She says you need to disinfect the high touched areas.

"Light switches, doorknobs, tv remote controls, tabletops," said Warner.

Warner says when buying products to clean with its best to look at the labels to make sure they kill influenza.

She also recommends washing your hands frequently.

"Soap and water are preferred but if they don't have it, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is also acceptable," said Warner.

Warner says another preventative measure is to wear a face mask.

Gary Potts a pharmacist at Family Pharmacy says there has been a high demand for the face mask, leaving only one box left in the store.

"To help prevent spreading and or getting it," said Potts.

Warner also says if you have the flu, you should be changing and cleaning your bed sheets every day.