LIST: Essential and non-essential businesses, allowed activities under Missouri's stay-at-home order

Published: Apr. 4, 2020 at 10:08 PM CDT
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A statewide stay-at-home order for Missouri takes effect Monday in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The order starts Monday, April 6, 2020 and will last through at least Friday, April 24, 2020, according to Gov. Mike Parson. If a county or city already has a stricter stay-at-home order, then that order supersedes the state's order.

You can read the complete stay-at-home order


Our list below breaks down businesses deemed essential and non-essential, in addition to allowed activities, as part of Missouri's stay-at-home order.


In addition to this list, some counties and communities had issued stay-at-home orders prior to the statewide order, and some local restrictions may supersede the statewide order.

Residents are instructed to abide by guidelines from local stay-at-home orders, along with the statewide order. You can review Greene County's stay-at-home guidelines


Essential workers, services and sectors include, but are not limited to:

• Healthcare workers and caregivers

• Law enforcement, fire fighters, and first responders

• Government operations

• Mental health and Social Service workers

• Pharmacy employees

• Insurance

• Workers supporting groceries, pharmacies and other retail sales of food and beverage products

• Restaurant carryout and quick-serve food operations and food delivery employees

• Farmworkers

• Electricity and Utility Industry Employees

• Critical Manufacturing Employees (medical supply chains, energy, transportation, food, chemicals)

• Petroleum, Natural and Propane Gas Workers

• Transportation and Logistics Workers

• Communications and Information Technology Employees

• Banks

• Daycares, child care providers (NOTE: These businesses are allowed to provide care for working families, but are asked CDC guidance targeted for those operations)

While these businesses may remain open, the order states these businesses must follow CISA guidelines social gatherings and social distancing.

Non-essential workers, services and sectors include, but are not limited to:

• Entertainment and hospitality, including but not limited to strip clubs, casinos, concert venues, arenas, auditoriums, stadiums, large conference rooms, meeting halls, and cafeterias

• Recreation and athletic facilities, including but not limited to community and recreation centers, gyms, health clubs, fitness centers, yoga, barre and spin facilities

• Beauty and personal care services and facilities, including but not limited to barber shops, beauty, tanning, waxing hair salons, and nail salons and spas

• Retail facilities, including shopping malls except for pharmacy or other health care facilities within retail operations (NOTE: Retailers without "essential services" are encouraged to continue online operations with pickup and delivery)

Some allowed activities in Missouri, if social distancing guidelines are followed, include:

• Going to grocery, convenience, or warehouse stores

• Going to the pharmacy to pick up medications and other healthcare necessities

• Going to medical appointments (check with your doctor or provider first)

• Going to other select places with essential services, such as gas stations or banks

• Going to a restaurant for take-out, delivery, or drive-thru

• Going to a place of worship (NOTE: Make sure that no more than 10 people are in any single space at one time and keep six feet of distance between you and others)

• Taking a walk, riding your bike, hiking, fishing, hunting, golf and outdoor exercise (NOTE: Keep six feet of distance between you and others)

• Receiving deliveries from any business which delivers

Most other activities are not allowed in Missouri, and require residents to follow the stay-at-home order. Prohibited activities include:

• Visiting state office buildings that are closed to the public

• Standing closer than six feet of distance from others

• Visiting loved ones in nursing homes, long term care facilities, and assisted living homes, unless you are providing critical assistance

For additional information on Missouri's stay-at-home order,


For additional guidance on the order via Gov. Parson's office,