Springfield's Humphrey twins head home from NICU thanks to Children's Miracle Network

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 7:56 AM CST
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Twin sisters Aubrey and Finley Humphrey were born just two minutes apart on April 15. "They were both 13 inches long, Aubrey was one-pound 14-ounces and Finley was two-pounds one-ounce," said their mother, Natalie Humphrey. The twins were tiny, but mighty, at just 28 weeks old.

Natalie and Joey Humphrey talked about that day and the shock of becoming new parents to twin preemies. "As much as we thought we were prepared you don't really know until you're in this situation," said father, Joey Humphrey. "No one’s ready to have babies at 28 weeks, the babies weren't ready to be here yet, but that's just the way it happened."

They say Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) saved their daughter's lives. "They're able to have the most excellent care that they can have because of Children's Miracle Network," said Natalie Humphrey.

The Humphreys said it's because of CMNH they were finally able to take their twins home after 132 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

"The babies personalities have really started to come out a lot more since they've been home," said Joey Humphrey as he talked about what it's been like having the twins home. "Actually getting home has been a lot more rewarding, waking up in the morning and you have a smiling baby to look at."

The Humphrey Family is asking people to give to CMNH during Miracle Week to help others across the Ozarks who may find themselves in difficult situations like they did.

"Insurance covers a lot of it, but it doesn't cover everything," said Natalie. "To not have to worry about the finance aspect of it and just being able to be there for our girls, Children's Miracle Network made that happen because the people who donated and we are so, so thankful for that."

"Everything that they were on was donated by them and so it's not like it's going to waste," said Joey Humphrey of the equipment in the NICU. "It's being used with a purpose for all of those things and without those pieces of equipment these babies wouldn't be here right now."

Miracle Week is celebrated during the first week of December. Those looking to donate can call (417) 268-3222 or follow the link attached with this story to donate online.