Tow truck drivers travel to Springfield to honor Timothy Williams

Published: Feb. 15, 2020 at 8:39 PM CST
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More than 100 tow trucks lead a procession today to honor Timothy Williams, the tow truck driver killed while working on the side of highway 65 last week.

Drivers traveled to Springfield from across Missouri. Some even drove in from out of state.

"I wish I could have all of my trucks out here but somebody's got to take care of the home front," said tow truck driver Kevin Paxman.

Paxman is the owner of C&H tow and recovery. He and his family drove an hour from Collins, Missouri, to be part of the funeral procession for Williams.

"My daughter, my father, my mother, my nephew and my great nephew," Paxman said. "We all work together."

Paxman said he didn't know Williams, but his death hits close to home.

He and his family put their lives on the line as tow truck drivers every day.

"We all live out there and we all are out in that traffic," Paxman said. "In 60 miles an hour traffic [and] 80 miles an hour traffic, we're out there hooking up a vehicle, underneath a vehicle and getting them out to safety."

He said the tow truck driving community feels like a brotherhood.

"We're very close," Paxman said. "We help each other out because we know what it is like to be out there in danger."

Williams, a tow truck driver for Affordable Towing, was struck and killed by a driver on U.S. Highway 65, a few miles north of Springfield, on Feb. 7.

Paxman and other tow truck drivers face the same dangers every day.

"I've been put underneath my truck several times," he said, "We're out there in all different types of weather. It's a dangerous life but I wouldn't give it up."

Williams was laid to rest Saturday and drivers returned to work carrying home one message:

"Move over and slow down," Paxman said. "That's the law and we're out there to help you guys out."

A driver with Affordable Towing told KY3 the company now has two openings for traffic incident management team members to block traffic for their drivers in tough situations.